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Backyard BBQ Cooking School

NJ 07885

Backyard BBQ Cooking School

August 4th, 2019 8am-4pm

Hot Rods BBQ 

Class Location: 22 Fawn Terrace, Wharton NJ 07885

Take your Backyard Barbequing to a new level with a Tell All Cooking Class hosted in the owners own backyard. We will cover all aspects of creating great BBQ starting with all the types of smokers, equipment and fuels involved. We will also cover all the types of meat used for traditional BBQ and how to trim, season, inject and cook fantastic BBQ. 

Included in the class:

Continental Breakfast served at 7:30am

Catered Hot Rods Lunch (45 min Break)

Complimentary, Beverages and Snacks

Cooked meats sampling at end of class

Full cook time line and extra info in Handout

Goodie Bag 

Price of Class $225 per person

Limited to 20 people

The class will spend 30 min. outside for smoker instruction

Event Over