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The Hot Rods Road Map

To ensure a smooth ride, here's some helpful info to know about us before you go.


We have a large parking lot adjacent to our building, however ADDITIONAL parking can be found across the street on Ross St, across from Sussex Meat Packing, during peak weekend Hours.

Reservations & Wait List

We take reservations for parties of 6 or more. If your party is smaller than 6 we can accommodate you on a first come first serve basis. We generally run an average wait of about 30-45 minutes on Fridays & Saturdays between 6-8: 30 pm. Sorry, we do not have “CALL AHEAD SEATING”, we seat in order of arrival.

We have a large bar where you can choose from one of our 22 Craft Beers on Tap or a great Signature Cocktail while you wait. And, if the bar is crowded our patio is also licensed with bench seating so you can take your drinks outside while you wait.

If you choose to wait at the bar please let the bartender know you are on the list for a table so they can tab you out and get you ready to head to your table as soon as it is available.

If, while you are waiting, you see empty tables that appear not to be in use, you can rest easy as they surely are lined up for someone on our list or a large upcoming reservation. We seat in order of arrival and we manipulate the tables in the dining room to work best for the sizes of the parties that are on deck next. It is like a big game of chess. We are not making you wait unnecessarily, nor are we unaware that there is an empty table. The hosts & managers have it all worked out.

During wait periods the high tops and communal tables in the bar area are reserved for guests on the wait list. Please do not take seating away from them. And, if you are comfortable with those styles of seating let us know when you sign in as sometimes it could decrease your wait time.

86 List

86 is restaurant lingo for SOLD OUT. We have a Chalk Board in the Lobby that lists items that are sold out at the time. Please be sure to take a gander so that you do not set your sights on an item that is unavailable.

Due to the inherent nature of authentic American BBQ, which is smoking meats at a low temperature for long periods of time in order to preserve their moisture and achieve maximum flavor, some of our menu items such as Brisket, Ribs, and Burnt Ends can sell out. We smoke our meats daily and time their completion based on our peak volume periods such as Friday & Saturday Nights. So it helps to arrive early. Our Sliced Brisket for Combos & Platters comes out of the smoker and is available usually around 3 pm daily. There are other brisket sandwiches available all day that use a different cut. If we have a particularly busy night or weekend due to unforeseen events it is possible to sell out earlier than anyone, even after 16 years of experience, can predict.

We are very particular about our products and rely on our selected purveyors for specific products to ensure the highest quality and consistency for our guests. We do not just run to the supermarket to grab an inferior product should our items sell out quicker than forecasted.

If you are traveling far and are coming with only a specific menu item in mind to satisfy a craving, you are welcome to call ahead to inquire about inventory and perhaps we can even put something aside for you.

Our Kitchen

We do NOT make FAST FOOD, we make FRESH FOOD as fast as we can. Most of our menu items are made from scratch and we prep as much ahead of time as we can without compromising the end result. Therefore it comes down to math. Each table of four, for example, takes approx. 8 minutes to produce, so if five tables come in at once the last of the five tables in line (provided they place their orders consecutively with the server) could take about 30 minutes to get their food. So for this reason we closely monitor our STEPS of SERVICE and the pace of our dining room. We do not just seat parties based on available tables but also on the volume of tickets being produced at once in our kitchen. Take out and Catering is all produced from the same cooks and equipment as the dining room.

So with all this inside information, you can see why a Saturday night at 7 pm might not always be the easiest time to pop in before a movie or have a relaxing night out with small children. Dining experiences at Hot Rods BBQ average about 60 minutes once seated.


Our menu changes about twice a year. We bring in exciting new seasonal items and phase out items that are not selling as well or that might come back “in season” next year. We do our best not to disappoint but sometimes your previous “favorite” just might not have made the cut. But, we bet there is something else there that you will enjoy just as much… if not more. And you can always ask your server is a special request is possible. We will do our best if we have the ingredients prepped.

During peak hours we do what is called “Pit to Plate”. Our BBQ comes right out of the smoker onto your plate. So, it will never be fresher, however, it will also not be piping hot as everything that is cooked in our pit is LOW & SLOW (the definition of true BBQ) low temperatures, long periods of time. It may also be red or pink. That is the dry rub doing its job not an indication that it is undercooked.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with any dietary questions or concerns you may have.


We always want you to feel that Hot Rods BBQ serves GREAT food at a GREAT value. We offer a FREE “Pit Crew Rewards” program that you can sign up to get money back on every dollar you spend as well as Birthday Gifts and other promotions. Most of our discounts and customer appreciation events are done through this program.

On occasion, we do in-house promotions (Thirsty Thursdays) or partner with other organizations (local hotels) to provide discounts. If you find yourself eligible for two discounts during a particular visit you are welcome to choose which one works better for you but two different offers can never be redeemed at the same time (One per Party/ Table per visit). We are sure you can understand, we want you to get a good deal but we need to stay in business too. This way it is a Win-Win for everyone.

We look forward to hosting you here at Hot Rods BBQ. We hope you have found this insider info helpful as you plan your trip on in to taste our Award winning BBQ and meet our Friendly Staff. We can’t wait to show you how much we appreciate YOU and LOVE what we do.


We are proud to participate in THE LAST STRAW campaign. We will not automatically put a straw in your drink. If you prefer to use a straw please let your server know when ordering and we will give you a compostable straw. If you have leftovers to take home we can give you recyclable foam boxes or you can also bring your own containers and bags from home. We will only give out bags upon request.

So that’s a little bit about us. We hope it gives you some insight as to what you will find here when you come. We look forward to exceeding your expectations every visit.

Gratefully, the Management & Crew of Hot Rods BBQ.